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Lindsey Andrews
Exercise Instructor/Office Administrator

I joined the My Strength Studio team in January of 2015 after moving back to MN from Gulf Shores, AL. I was previously in the medical sales industry traveling the southern states, that ended quickly however when my little girl was born. After taking time off work to spend with Emory (and transition to the MN weather), I decided to follow my passion of fitness and nutrition, which is what led me to My Strength Studio. I have truly enjoyed at My Strength Studio! Having the opportunity to help improve our clients everyday living has been so rewarding. I love to see the look on clients faces when they experience “failure” for the first time, when they realize they CAN strength train pain free, or when they start to see the physical changes they have been working towards...I honestly love what I do!

When I am not at My Strength Studio I would love to say I am nestled up reading a book or kayaking, but let’s be real, I am probably in the kitchen concocting a new dessert, vacuuming (obsession), or chasing my toddler, and I would have it no other way!

Hope to see you soon!


Logan Herlihy
Exercise Instructor

After moving up to Minnesota back in February 2017, I feel privileged to call My Strength Studio home. I have lived and traveled all over the world, from growing up in Chicago to living abroad for just over a year in Australia and Thailand.

Through a series of different careers, I have finally come back to the industry that I have always loved, Health and Fitness. After getting my degree in Broadcast Journalism (with a Minor in Exercise Science) from the University of Central Florida, I spent the next few years in hospitality and journalism. Eventually I found my way back to the Health and Wellness field in Thailand where I received my 200-HR RYT Yoga Certification.

Although Yoga would not become my full-time pursuit it did introduce me back into the Fitness community I had been missing for so long. When I finally discovered My Strength Studio, I knew it would be the perfect fit. I’ve experimented with many fitness modalities over the years, but My Strength Studio provided the perfect balance of a scientific-based approach to training with real world results. From the moment I started doing my research, I was hooked. I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this amazing team, and tight knit community at My Strength Studio.

Shine on,



I discovered My Strength Studio in December 2015 during my search for a safe, efficient, and effective way to improve my strength and metabolism. I’d read Body by Science by Doug McGuff, M.D. and was intrigued by the training protocols he proposed. Within a few sessions I knew I’d found a method of training meaningfully different from what I’d experienced before. The work I’ve done since then, under the support and guidance of the trainers at My Strength Studio, has improved my quality of life in so many ways.

Over the last few years I began to realize my priorities had evolved and I decided to retire from a nearly two decades long career in corporate strategic finance. Professional achievement and success can be incredibly gratifying but such rewards limit opportunities to invest in personal growth, health, relationships and community. Among the many new commitments I’ve made, one of the most important is to connect with and support others as they strive to achieve health, wellness and vitality, and personal growth.

In my off hours I enjoy the company of friends and family, walking and hiking with my dog Trixy, participating in Roller Derby, studying the martial arts, and spending time in the Northwoods. I’m rediscovering old pleasures and exploring new pastimes - there is so much to do! I feel such excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to work with you as you pursue your wellness goals!


Kevin Ness

My aim in life is to help people thrive. Human flourishing begins with a right understanding that the human race has a beautiful design and when we operate in that design, we are free to experience amazing things. I Co-Founded Strength Studio in 2011 with the vision of helping people experience a full life, with a strong mind and body. Personally, I try to progress human thriving (albeit imperfectly) through my roles as a husband to my high school sweetheart, a father to 4 beautiful children, and as the skipper of this boat we call My Strength Studio. The only way I can truly serve others and help them reach their full potential is to try to be like Jesus, the only man who has done that perfectly.

I am so thankful that I get to serve the community and Team at My Strength Studio. I’m grateful for the many people who believe in our company and whose lives have truly been changed!

If you are already a part of the My Strength Studio family, thank you. It is a pleasure serving you! If you’re not a part of our family yet, I have good news...there is still room for you to join us! We’d love the opportunity to serve you.

It’s time to live the strong, flourishing life you were meant to live!

See you soon,


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