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Better Exercise, Less Time.

We Get it. Life is Busy. In just minutes a week, we improve the vitality of people through proper exercise. My Strength Studio has become the practical fitness solution for our modern world by providing all the benefits of exercise in minimal time without wrecking people in the process.

Our methods are always science-based, we utilize the best personal trainers and equipment available, and we create a welcoming, comfortable environment. As a result, our clients are strong and healthy people who get to enjoy more free time and less gym time.

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  • Your benefits

    Your benefits

    Our personal training methods involve techniques that cause your body to make positive changes in a very short amount of time. Here are a few benefits you can expect from our personal training at My Strength Studio:

    • Gain Strength
    • Lose Fat
    • Feel Younger
    • Increase Confidence
    • Love Your Body
    • Get More Free Time
  • Our services

    Our services

    To give you maximum value and add time back into your life, we provide the following services at My Strength Studio:

    • Personalized Private Instruction
    • Tailored Fitness Plan
    • Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice
    • Body Composition Testing
  • Still Undecided? Don’t let more time slip away.

    Still Undecided? Don’t let more time slip away.

    If you’re still unsure if Strength Studio will be the right fit for you, why not come in and check it out? We offer everyone a complimentary consultation and demo workout so you can give us a test run. Remember, it’s only those who take action that will see results. Doing nothing ensures nothing changes. We’d love to meet you and have the opportunity to serve you. Take the first step... Call today!

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  • Exercise For The Modern World

    Exercise For The Modern World

    • We are a private, personal training studio. Your 20-minute, private personal training sessions are meticulously led by one of our certified personal trainers. We utilize a slow movement, high-intensity strength training approach to produce the strongest version of yourself.
    • Workout in a business suit. Since our facility is climate controlled, you can literally workout without having to change clothes.

    Schedule Now and Get Fit on a Busy Schedule

Free Consult & Demo Workout

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